Registration with Katy Panhellenic is the first step to a prospective member’s journey through the recruitment process. Registration is recommended to be completed by May 1 each spring, and young women will also need to register with the Panhellenic organization at the college of their choosing.
At a Glance…Why Go Greek?
Young women find that joining a sorority in college provides a home away from home where they can form lasting bonds of friendship with like-minded collegiates.
Sororities also foster community service and emphasize strong scholarship among members, which helps young women in their collegiate and career development. They set the academic bar high for their members, and tend to have higher GPAs and graduation rates than campus averages.
The association with a national sorority is one that lasts a lifetime, providing continuing connections and activities with every stage of life!

Important dates for prospective members and their mothers in 2018 – click on each date for more information:
Recruitment Information Meeting at Cinco Ranch Junior High cafeteria,
Monday, Feb 5, 2018
Spring Brunch at Willow Fork Country Club, Saturday, April 14, 2018
Go Greek Night at Cinco Ranch Junior High cafeteria, Monday, May 21, 2018

For a list of Frequently Asked Questions

Register for Recruitment Online (preferred). Recruitment registration opens February 1, 2017.

For a PDF copy of the Katy Panhellenic Recruitment Guide

Presentation given by Meridan Zerner, Certified Wellness Coach and Registered Dietician, during our Scholarship Luncheon on April 8, 2017

GKAPA Recruitment Chair:
Andrea Jaycox
4210 Canary Isle Court
Katy, TX 77450
281-635-5914 (c)
281-665-3293 (h)

GKAPA Summer Representatives for Sororities

Alpha Chi Omega
     Judi Klein –
Chi Omega
    Jeannine Devine –
Phi Mu
     Elizabeth Sledge –
Alpha Delta Pi
     Jan Pierce –  
Delta Delta Delta
     Mendy Schindler –
Phi Sigma Sigma
    National HQ –
Alpha Epsilon Phi
     National HQ –
Delta Gamma
     Terri Barrow –
Pi Beta Phi
     Lori Dow –
Alpha Gamma Delta
    Leigh Kent –
Delta Phi Epsilon
     National HQ –
Sigma Delta Tau
     Kimberly Stuart –
Alpha Omicrom Pi
   Leslie Sherrow   –  
Delta Zeta
     National HQ –
Sigma Kappa
     Kathy Gibson –
Alpha Phi
     Andrea Jaycox –
Gamma Phi Beta
     Christine Barr –  
Sigma Sigma Sigma
     Judy Leach – 
Alpha Sigma Alpha
     LeeAnnRinderknecht –
Kappa Alpha Theta
     Kelli Gustafson –
Theta Phi Alpha
     National HQ –
Alpha Sigma Tau
     National HQ –
Kappa Delta
     Carrie Vos –
Zeta Tau Alpha
    Zilah Miller -
Alpha Xi Delta
     Kathleen Walton –  
Kappa Kappa Gamma
    Carol Sinclair – 
Top Ten Reasons to Join a Sorority

1. A Place to Belong - That feeling of belonging, an identity. Sorority life is based on a family-type situation. It gives a firm basis to experiencing college life with sisters who are interested in helping you adjust to your new college experiences.
2. Inspires You to Develop High Standards - Sorority life inspires you to develop as a person by promoting high standards for scholarship, citizenship, and social conduct.
3. Encourages Commitment - Sorority life pushes you to meet your greatest potential according to your skills and talents. Sororities emphasize excellence.
4. Teaches Management Skills - Sorority life teaches you to manage your time wisely in addition to organizational and decision making skills that will serve you well in the future.
5. Organizes Fun Social Events - Sororities provide fun events and activities with your sisters, fraternities, and other campus organizations.
6. Encourages Loyalty - Sorority life encourages your loyalty and allegiance to your sisters, your sorority, your college and your nation.
7. Emphasizes Academics - Sororities highly emphasize academics by providing the right atmosphere and encouraging good study habits.
8. Promotes Leadership - Sororities promote leadership by encouraging your participation in chapter government and campus activities.
9. Fosters Concern for Others - Sorority life encourages you to participate in philanthropic projects that enable you to give of yourself to help others and the world around you.
10. Develops Lifelong Friendships - Sorority life develops and encourages lifelong friendships that grow strong with common experiences and remain true over years to come.